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Getting Started With Troop Ga-2001

We are excited that you are interested in joining Trail Life USA, Troop GA-2001. Trail Life USA is a national faith-based character development organization for young men and as a charter member, it is considered an official ministry of Community Bible Church signed into effect by our Senior Pastor Beau Adams in August 2023.

At Trail Life, we aim to provide a healthy, wholesome environment in which your son can learn skills for life – skills that not only enable him to excel today, but skills that help him to grow into a leader of others with the distinct attributes of purity, service, stewardship, and integrity.

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Program Overview

This is an abbreviated version view the full program overview on the Trail Life USA site.

For K-5th grade boys, ranks are by a 2-year grouping called a Patrol (Fox, Hawk, & Mtn. Lion). A boy has 2 years to complete his requirements along with his Worthy Life Award for that rank. Requirements are prorated based on when a boy joins the Patrol. At the completion of each 2 year/grade rank, a boy is advanced to the next group.

K-1st Join as Fox
2nd-3rd Join as Hawk
4th-5th Join as Mtn. Lion

6th-12th Grade Boys Join as Recruit

For 6th-12th grade boys, rank advancement is based on the completion of requirements for skill training called Trail Badges (both required and elective), service time, leadership time, and the completion of a Troop master’s Conference and a Board of Review. All ranks and merit badges previously attained within Boy Scouts may be transferable. Please read Achievement Transfer from BSA to Trail Life USA PDF for more information.

Joining Requirements

A boy begins on the Trail by completing a set of joining award requirements. On completion he earns the patch for his assigned patrol. This must be completed before any other awards are presented. This information can also be found in the Trailmen Handbook.

For Boys K-5th Please download the Welcome to The Trail PDF for The joining award requirements.

For Boys 6th-12th Please download Become a Recruit PDF for the joining award requirements.

Uniform Requirements

Ga-2001 only requires Uniform Shirt – Official Logo Uniforms are required at all meetings and campouts, your son may start coming to meetings but will not qualify for the joining award or troop number patch until he has obtained a troop uniform button up shirt. Shirts may be purchased though Trail Life USA’s Shop

Camping and Other Gear

We have lists of other camping and recommended gear for boys and dads on our website

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