Nitecore NU25 UL 400 Lumen Ultra Lightweight Headlamp Dual Beam USB-C Rechargeable Headlight

USB-C Rechargeable and Light Weight
The charging port is upgraded from Micro-USB to USB-C, available to share a charging cable with most devices.


About this item

  • The NITECORE NU25 UL is our new member of the NU Series — Dual Beam USB-C Rechargeable Headlamp. Upgraded on the output, light beam, charging port and operation, it can provide a lighter and better experience for users. The NU25 UL is available with 3 light sources to produce a max output of 400 lumens while the spotlight and floodlight are both primary lights, achieving a perfect combination of long distance throw and flood beam.
  • Utilizing a unibody optical lens system with a light transmission of over 94% and high performance LEDs, it is specially designed for reflecting a uniform and soft light ideal for night running and route finding.
  • The NU25 UL weighs 45g (1.59 oz). The NITECORE NU25 UL is made from lightweight PC material and equipped with hollow brackets. And the NU25 UL comes with an ultra lightweight headband in order to ease the burden.
  • Built-in 650mAh Li-ion battery, the NU25 UL is available with USB-C input and cycle charging, which can reduce the discard of 900+ AAA batteries over a battery life cycle.
  • Apart from the Lockout Mode to prevent accidental activation, the NU25 UL is one-hand operable to control the beam and show the remaining battery power. The NU25 UL is all weather applicable as IP66 rated.
  • Package Included: NITECORE NU25 UL headlamp, NITECORE keychain tag


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