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Sunday Feb 25th 2024 – Our Faith

Trail Life USA’s Six Essential Concepts of a Christian Worldview
There are absolute and unchanging truths about God and life.
Morality and moral law are absolute and unchanging because they proceed from and reflect God’s unchanging nature and character.
A Trailman should show respect, understanding, and charity to others different from him, while maintaining firm Christian convictions.

The eternal God created the universe for His purposes and according to His plan which is evident by the design, order and complexity found in all of creation.
All of God’s creation is good. The entrance of sin into the world has affected every part of creation such that it is now fallen and imperfect.
Because man is sinful and imperfect, he is in need of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

Out of all of God’s creation, human beings are uniquely made in His image and likeness, and therefore all human life, from conception through natural death has unquestionable value, worth, and dignity.
Because each human person is sacred and has intrinsic value, worth, and dignity, they should receive proper respect and protection regardless of age, disability, economic status, ethnicity, location, race, sex or sinful tendencies.

By His design, God created men and women different from each other and uniquely for His purposes.
God’s design for marriage and family is that one man and one woman be united in marriage, and from that union, the blessing of new life comes forth.
Natural marriage which unites one man and one woman before God is an earthly reflection of God’s Triune nature. Marriage also depicts the loving relationship between Christ and His church.

God has given all human beings dominion over His earth and commanded us to use its natural resources.
Therefore, each human being must be a good steward of the resources God provides and responsibly cultivate and conserve them for His glory.

God is sovereign over all history.
God actively intervenes in peoples’ lives for His purposes. He mysteriously uses all things, good and bad, for His glory.
God is good and can be trusted in all things.

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